Monday, November 2, 2009

Bucky's Google Usage

7/31/2011 Most recently have created a knol for use with ETP, , Bucky's ETP Jewel Box.

Alerts kept active:
Using G-Mail: "Federal Reserve"; "Congress closed"; using ISP/Outlook Express: "depleted uranium weapons"; "Joshua Holland"; "AE911truth"  (Sept. 2010)

Google Groups I own and provide moderation to:
ETP Team Network (
hester Environment Meetup Group

Google Reader
(Used to generate "Shared items" in right sidebar.)

GMail ---- bwalter.bucky14621@g-mail,com

Public Profile:

Google Classic- Has been my homepage forever
iGoogle - I have begun to use it. It provides many things, including links to other users. Also, I have just begun to use the TO DO List Gadget, and like it.
7/31/2011 Have been using the Google Chess Gadget for over a month

I do recommend Google's services and would like to chat about them.
(We can chat on GMail or Facebook; make connection please.

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