Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remembering Warren Goldstein, friend (chessplaying buddy for over 13 years) who died Thankgiving Day 2008

It is Thanksgiving Day 2010..
[I have called Judy Goldstein, Warren's widow and a friend, to tell her I am about this and will appreciate her review.
Also, I will ask Ann Ellis (my best friend) and Dan Spencer (aka "Danish Gambit'), long-standing chessplayer/Facebook friend to add comment to clarify the message about Warren.]
Two and 1/4 years ago our regime of playing chess for 2 1/2 hours on each of  two days per week ended.

Warren was a most affable, well-rounded person who managed all his doings well and had other interests: family; golf; pool
Warren was a chess player who:
(We played many 20-minute games. He was slightly stronger player -- I lost many hard-fought endgames)
Was always cheerful.
Often sang and whistled without being annoying: his manners were unique and different ...... very quaint, perhaps, to on-lookers.
Often defended against my attempts to induce the Scotch Gambit by playing Phildor's Defense.
Didn't engage in long post mortems.
Enjoyed the games properly.