Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remembering Warren Goldstein, friend (chessplaying buddy for over 13 years) who died Thankgiving Day 2008

It is Thanksgiving Day 2010..
[I have called Judy Goldstein, Warren's widow and a friend, to tell her I am about this and will appreciate her review.
Also, I will ask Ann Ellis (my best friend) and Dan Spencer (aka "Danish Gambit'), long-standing chessplayer/Facebook friend to add comment to clarify the message about Warren.]
Two and 1/4 years ago our regime of playing chess for 2 1/2 hours on each of  two days per week ended.

Warren was a most affable, well-rounded person who managed all his doings well and had other interests: family; golf; pool
Warren was a chess player who:
(We played many 20-minute games. He was slightly stronger player -- I lost many hard-fought endgames)
Was always cheerful.
Often sang and whistled without being annoying: his manners were unique and different ...... very quaint, perhaps, to on-lookers.
Often defended against my attempts to induce the Scotch Gambit by playing Phildor's Defense.
Didn't engage in long post mortems.
Enjoyed the games properly.

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Amy G. said...

Bob, this is such a nice remembrance of Warren. We will alway remember him on Thanksgiving, and we are thankful for having him in our lives for so long. As you know, he loved playing chess and you were his favorite partner.

Judy (and Amy)