Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving: Activity as to Blog, plan and assistance; comunication with possible commentators

It's Thanksgiving morning.
Claire and Ken, Ann and I are going to IHOP

Selena did well when speaking to gratefulness;
and here's an Allen Roland article.
Wrote Selena and Betsy email reminding them of request they review this.
Later, serendipity had it that I met Dr. Stephen Ryan for the first time and was, giving him a card, able to steer him to the Blog.

On Monday, in my appointment with Dr. Molomo, we had a conversation where he's come to know my concern that he and Dr. Leibovici be available for advice as to content and release of this Blog (Again, as it is now, all is editable). These two Doctors may not be available until middle of next week.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

In Memory of Jim Barlow

Yesterday, Friday, I did eventually meet with Becca.
And have chosen to insert a photo from Facebook again.

I've known this and that Ann was/is conversant with it for some time. We understand that is my personalty to disregard the "feelings" of the ignorant., or,in this case, inattentive. Here and now I want Dr. Molomo (and Dr. Leibovici) to know I am unhappy:
On Thursday I received a notice of appointment for "3 months review and weight" with Dr. Molomo at 11:00 AM Monday.
None of the three has called or emailed me regarding the blog.

Yesterday, of course, was also the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. And I've viewed many articles. Here is Allen Roland's.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Pearl of Great "Cost"?

It is amazing how well the process has turned out.

My first thought (an option) would be to post to Facebook. And I shall do that.

Later. It's more proper to recognize JFK on the 5oth anniversary.

However, as the documentation now stands, all is editable Except for Omar Khayyam and others. (I do take pleasure to "pretty print" i.e. make as much use of HTML as capable for benefit by disambiguation.

The NPR article I've just found, by Gene Demby for a team as you will imagine hits me with some emotion and "false pride".

What is come to mind now is:
The ILS' name change to "Elder ONE" which may be disclosed to me in process related to review of "wonders"

References that have been meaningful though often in the background:

W.H. Auden's "For the Time Being"; often read at Epiphany;
Polya's "How to Solve It"
The Dartmouth Bible
Google software (which I don't totally understand).
And I am very cautious to believe here in a magical God, not chance; although I wonder at the fate of the tares.

As to the present task, lead off by the scheduled meeting with Becca at 10:30AM, I am one who waits (a pun) on his friends;

Long ago Dave McMillan made these insights: it is a pearl of great "cost" [ When reading A. Huxley "Doors of Perception" and now I think the idea is that shiny things are , most particularly for a 'savage', hypnotic]; "what you can do by yourself isn't quite worth doing".

Thus it is the case that I may accept and use the advice of those sharing with me, Elder One and Ann and Claire; "contacts".......some right now is still mystery .... a God-given language change would be as in Lehrer song, "New Math", "so simple, so very simple that only a child can do it".

I have gone astray. Demby reviews book that does interest me. But searching the essay tile, I am at a loss

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Connection to Paul Rauschenbush?

Paul is a Facebook friend, but did not respond to my criticism of his review of Jimmy Carter's book.
Most recently I've discovered his part in Huffington Post coverage of March on Washington
But recall using this speech "My Faith May Be Doomed To Failure" posting to on Easter Sunday

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


As implied earlier on, despite association and acceptance/catechism at the Central Presbyterian Church in Rochester, some people-problems most effectively turned my perception to "doubt": Henry van Dyke was a Presbyterian minister, whose work in two places affected my sympathy: This must be familiar to you? And, sorry I can't get exact instance and advise you that the quotation may be in "Campfires and Guide-Posts". For a long time in my youth "Doubt is like a fog, it conceals it does not destroy" served my agnostic purposes. At the point I went searching for "wheel" of history quote by Schweitzer. I feel strength in these two blogs: "Hope's Reason"; and "Cherry Picking Kirkeigarrd". The results then got into an email; perhaps meant for an Appendix?
It's continuing. I've simultaneous problems and have been most fortunate:
1 ... Discovered "mention" feature enabled with Google+;
2.... (Some time ago I panned Paul Rauschenbush's review of Jimmy Carter book, and got no response.] Now I think I'll be able to help one another and our friends.In short, he may become a connected-friend.
3. ...Re completion: Friday should be adequate; and so far I've not (or rather LEFT TO THE READER?) given the focus to knowledge of the CIA and, under the category of RELIGION, a full sharing of EXPERIENCESS as thought necessary by my contributors;
5. . .. Since connected to my psychotic episodes, always has been a concern that the actual letters, following mystic evolution ...this is where see myself a bellwether and do know understanding, God-in-Language, that something is happening.... In this instance?
As ever, with reference to the God of the Old Testament's "Rule Over All History" and the importance of names, without 'flipping-out' I do wonder at the significance of the name-change, announced Monday, that "ILS is become "Elder One".

I think I'm Solving it

Today's,i.e. Monday's, progress seems satisfactory as to the chores of writing but still void of @Spaulding or @Liebovic sharing the making of agenda. I have found email that works well toward making a coherent message, again. One's theme made for quotation of "fear and trembling" and a vision that what we have is endarkenment, going to come out.... I see an ability, shared with "contacts". as you've seen Dave's cautioning me in comment. The email from Dennis Garwitz has been addressed. Right now the discovery of the August article by Paul Rauschenbush has made for a change in presentation.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Relationships; most appear when viewing Facebok activity and pages liked

Facebook page is Robert James Walter; there's also "Bucky's Readers" which is getting no use.

My daughter, Claire, and friend Ann are my advocates to ILS and others ILS, Independent Living For Seniors, affiliated to Rochester General Hospital's providing assisted living at the same apartment (Seneca Towers) rooms as I've occupied for a long time. It is a limited number of persons who've experienced my actions when berserk In the last instance: Dr. Brewer at Strong Memorial's Behavioral changed my medication but provided no witness as to any sense for my delusion. (The medication appears to work*) Before my release I had received visitations from Hank Stone and Morgan Smith, as well as Claire and Ann. *What is the history? I was last on Abilify (samples) for some time with monitoring by Dr. Ram Wes Rapaport. I am finding, by recall and search, much to edit-down. I regard the interviews with Dr. Leibovic1 (Adrian) and Becca Spaulding do stand especial chance of being successful when the further text of this ....... is somehow adequately completed.
It seems that in last two years I've become old. I spend considerable time at computer. I have developed its capabilities. I can lift photos from Facebook for example. A favorite jazz station,using RadioSure but also available by Web and Android, is Dinner Jazz Excursion. It's replaced Pandora in the regime of playing music in minimized tab. Additionally, as you will see, the adjustment I've made with ILS is being tested. So far I have hopes for my my meeting with Becca, now scheduled for 10:30AM Friday, 11/22, the 50th Anniversary. I am fortunate to have acquired active, competent friends: Dave, in addition to wise discussion here, lead me to Rothbart's "Anatomy of the State" and deferred to my reference to Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death" and Teaching as a Subversive Activity". And I am now looking for an easy way, using Facebook..Google ...Linkedin eventually the readers here should be competent, to develop uniformity and effectiveness. As Morgzn Smith and others have shown and I hpoe may give their view, "Relationships are Important" Here, possibly to get their thug out of the way, an index the what and how of Dave's "the path" working. End of text; to be continued
I would advise friends (they are likily to learn) that I've no taste for TV,am finding it difficult to be well-informed.... that is except for a multitude active sources via the computer. It allows me to make accurate recollections; as you'll see and also enable a casual repartee to steer a conversation, as you've seen with Dave Scotese; and am expecting from others. As to my plan, having observed Dave's cautions, perhaps I should try to emulate the style of Allen Roland; we've age in common: I'm 77 and he's 79. Such "research" .. I have no shame, indeed ..often get carried away sayings of what's not true and with the domain of their truth. There's much left undone.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where Do We Go From Here?

The last post, titled as a draft for the attention of Dr. Molamo and RGH psychiatry, ended with the display for use of two URLs: one a 20 minute video on the unknown to public facts of money; the other, that originally came by email but found on the web, a review of "September 1 - Pearl Harbor".
In the meantime since that, I have pushed for attention:
     Monday: Saw Dr. Malamo in hall. Asked that he read  Bucky's Blog; said he would.
                     No help from Pamela. Out for the day --- Had, Thursday by phone, requested her help
                     establishing liaison for me; again, those people afford one no phone nor email.
    Now: The Blog has received no comment; I 've received no message.
              I am using email to RGH persons; Selena  and Betsy, most frequent and direct; and  to a group with links of 9/11 facts. I do/will make reference to this documenting.

 Using my Acer 500 GB HD PC and Samsung Galaxy 4.0 MP3 Reader, I've continual contact to information: from email, subscribed and sharing with friends; and this source,"the Web" with search engine, which consists of "discoveries" on Facebook and elsewhere.
    Most particularly on Facebook my news feed watches: "Being Liberal; "Implosion of Logic" and others as you may see at page "Robert James Walter".

Again, the project to create showing(s) of  the facts, evidence  as to how derelict is reporting except that by independent journalists. It is intended that reviews of their work will be here.
 Also, I have a long-standing quarrel with Christianity. IMO it, as not effective in recognizing a historical Jesus; instead I call it "pap": call for awareness of Albert Schweitzer and Walter Raushenbush.
 Recently, thinking on a necessary view of the impressions that  turned me against the GOP,  I'd have you review the biography of John Foster and Allen Dulles. What did they do important?

In 2003 and about #500 in the queque I joined Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.  The profile of my data and opinion was edited by Alan Miller and appears in IMO and hope, there may come , yet, proper public understanding.  And as said in"Draft Only", I am jubilant when I see real pressure toward more transparent government and finance.

Please view
I hope you'll come to know, as I did 8 years ago,  the on-going rottenness.
You may to see videos and such, observe additonal Facebook pages "Re Think 911",  "Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth".

BTW: I am very interesting in teaching. And would appreciate questions.
          A substitute for the first money-concerned URL is "How To Be A Crook"

One last note as to my attitude toward many friends, including Ann, who see my concerns as obsessive craziness: "Those who deny the truth live a lie.."