Sunday, November 17, 2013

It seems that in last two years I've become old. I spend considerable time at computer. I have developed its capabilities. I can lift photos from Facebook for example. A favorite jazz station,using RadioSure but also available by Web and Android, is Dinner Jazz Excursion. It's replaced Pandora in the regime of playing music in minimized tab. Additionally, as you will see, the adjustment I've made with ILS is being tested. So far I have hopes for my my meeting with Becca, now scheduled for 10:30AM Friday, 11/22, the 50th Anniversary. I am fortunate to have acquired active, competent friends: Dave, in addition to wise discussion here, lead me to Rothbart's "Anatomy of the State" and deferred to my reference to Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death" and Teaching as a Subversive Activity". And I am now looking for an easy way, using Facebook..Google ...Linkedin eventually the readers here should be competent, to develop uniformity and effectiveness. As Morgzn Smith and others have shown and I hpoe may give their view, "Relationships are Important" Here, possibly to get their thug out of the way, an index the what and how of Dave's "the path" working. End of text; to be continued

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