Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving: Activity as to Blog, plan and assistance; comunication with possible commentators

It's Thanksgiving morning.
Claire and Ken, Ann and I are going to IHOP

Selena did well when speaking to gratefulness;
and here's an Allen Roland article.
Wrote Selena and Betsy email reminding them of request they review this.
Later, serendipity had it that I met Dr. Stephen Ryan for the first time and was, giving him a card, able to steer him to the Blog.

On Monday, in my appointment with Dr. Molomo, we had a conversation where he's come to know my concern that he and Dr. Leibovici be available for advice as to content and release of this Blog (Again, as it is now, all is editable). These two Doctors may not be available until middle of next week.

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