Sunday, November 17, 2013

Relationships; most appear when viewing Facebok activity and pages liked

Facebook page is Robert James Walter; there's also "Bucky's Readers" which is getting no use.

My daughter, Claire, and friend Ann are my advocates to ILS and others ILS, Independent Living For Seniors, affiliated to Rochester General Hospital's providing assisted living at the same apartment (Seneca Towers) rooms as I've occupied for a long time. It is a limited number of persons who've experienced my actions when berserk In the last instance: Dr. Brewer at Strong Memorial's Behavioral changed my medication but provided no witness as to any sense for my delusion. (The medication appears to work*) Before my release I had received visitations from Hank Stone and Morgan Smith, as well as Claire and Ann. *What is the history? I was last on Abilify (samples) for some time with monitoring by Dr. Ram Wes Rapaport. I am finding, by recall and search, much to edit-down. I regard the interviews with Dr. Leibovic1 (Adrian) and Becca Spaulding do stand especial chance of being successful when the further text of this ....... is somehow adequately completed.

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