Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where Do We Go From Here?

The last post, titled as a draft for the attention of Dr. Molamo and RGH psychiatry, ended with the display for use of two URLs: one a 20 minute video on the unknown to public facts of money; the other, that originally came by email but found on the web, a review of "September 1 - Pearl Harbor".
In the meantime since that, I have pushed for attention:
     Monday: Saw Dr. Malamo in hall. Asked that he read  Bucky's Blog; said he would.
                     No help from Pamela. Out for the day --- Had, Thursday by phone, requested her help
                     establishing liaison for me; again, those people afford one no phone nor email.
    Now: The Blog has received no comment; I 've received no message.
              I am using email to RGH persons; Selena  and Betsy, most frequent and direct; and  to a group with links of 9/11 facts. I do/will make reference to this documenting.

 Using my Acer 500 GB HD PC and Samsung Galaxy 4.0 MP3 Reader, I've continual contact to information: from email, subscribed and sharing with friends; and this source,"the Web" with search engine, which consists of "discoveries" on Facebook and elsewhere.
    Most particularly on Facebook my news feed watches: "Being Liberal; "Implosion of Logic" and others as you may see at page "Robert James Walter".

Again, the project to create showing(s) of  the facts, evidence  as to how derelict is reporting except that by independent journalists. It is intended that reviews of their work will be here.
 Also, I have a long-standing quarrel with Christianity. IMO it, as not effective in recognizing a historical Jesus; instead I call it "pap": call for awareness of Albert Schweitzer and Walter Raushenbush.
 Recently, thinking on a necessary view of the impressions that  turned me against the GOP,  I'd have you review the biography of John Foster and Allen Dulles. What did they do important?

In 2003 and about #500 in the queque I joined Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.  The profile of my data and opinion was edited by Alan Miller and appears in IMO and hope, there may come , yet, proper public understanding.  And as said in"Draft Only", I am jubilant when I see real pressure toward more transparent government and finance.

Please view
I hope you'll come to know, as I did 8 years ago,  the on-going rottenness.
You may to see videos and such, observe additonal Facebook pages "Re Think 911",  "Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth".

BTW: I am very interesting in teaching. And would appreciate questions.
          A substitute for the first money-concerned URL is "How To Be A Crook"

One last note as to my attitude toward many friends, including Ann, who see my concerns as obsessive craziness: "Those who deny the truth live a lie.."




Dave Scotese said...

Hi Bucky,

I see what you're trying to do, and I admire it, but you will keep running into the same frustrating brick wall. Most people subconsciously protect themselves from disturbing information. Our enslavement through central banking, taxation, and the erosion of freedom through 9/11 are all very disturbing. So people get "cognitive dissonance." The only effective way to deal with this is to get to where they are, engineer a path they *would enjoy following* from that place to the truth, and then invite them along that path.

But you have to go to where they are first, and each of us is in a different place. Find out what Pamela and Betsy and Ann and Dr. Malamo are interested in and study those things. See if you can find any relation between their interests and the problems we're fighting (erosion of freedoms and debasement of our money are excellent starting points). Remember the goal: get people discussing important issues rather than wasting their attention on distractions. But at the same time, life ought to be enjoyable, so you have to be very careful with the disturbing bits.

Bucky said...

Excellently said.

I still don't know exactly how or where one creates therapy that might, at my hands, with the tools available, get to creation of language such that the cure comes.....
(my psychotic episodes have always been tainted with such a goal).

Perhaps it'll be the case that there's possible reckoning with the facts as they are now.

I guess I'll leap into next post