Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's continuing. I've simultaneous problems and have been most fortunate:
1 ... Discovered "mention" feature enabled with Google+;
2.... (Some time ago I panned Paul Rauschenbush's review of Jimmy Carter book, and got no response.] Now I think I'll be able to help one another and our friends.In short, he may become a connected-friend.
3. ...Re completion: Friday should be adequate; and so far I've not (or rather LEFT TO THE READER?) given the focus to knowledge of the CIA and, under the category of RELIGION, a full sharing of EXPERIENCESS as thought necessary by my contributors;
5. . .. Since connected to my psychotic episodes, always has been a concern that the actual letters, following mystic evolution ...this is where see myself a bellwether and do know understanding, God-in-Language, that something is happening.... In this instance?
As ever, with reference to the God of the Old Testament's "Rule Over All History" and the importance of names, without 'flipping-out' I do wonder at the significance of the name-change, announced Monday, that "ILS is become "Elder One".


Dave Scotese said...

I got really stoned once, and the most important thing I learned is this: my God is reason. Reason overpowered me and made me admit that it was a god and that I am powerless before it.

I can use reason, but I can make logical errors too. So where does that leave me? Nothing really changed. Things are the way they are, and my spiritual duty is to deal with that (the way they are), not the way I can pretend them to be. Everyone already knows this, but I think pot helps make important truths feel more important when we start taking them for granted.

Bucky said...

I just discover your comment.
Have been going my "merry way" and just finished "In Memory of Jim Barlow".
My thought having completed this, the blog's message and recognition to Roland, right now I know who has influenced me and how ..... and again I learned some by study of literature for literature's sake.
Hank and you should recognize we've some power in our literature. I expect it'll be seen buried in the letters,and choices made: our nickname', cues (www,c-u-e.org)
https://mail.google.com/mail/?tab=wm#inbox/14280c80032c2ad2>ve, That there not be errors do I use a sort of "parity check". Can we understand that?

Bucky said...

Just preparing an email with thoughts , to be extracted in some part by recipients, on an alliance formed and grown using all the contacts available.

I've just found "Socio-Economic History

Bucky said...


Nearly complete. Ending on attention to Depleted Uranium