Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Pearl of Great "Cost"?

It is amazing how well the process has turned out.

My first thought (an option) would be to post to Facebook. And I shall do that.

Later. It's more proper to recognize JFK on the 5oth anniversary.

However, as the documentation now stands, all is editable Except for Omar Khayyam and others. (I do take pleasure to "pretty print" i.e. make as much use of HTML as capable for benefit by disambiguation.

The NPR article I've just found, by Gene Demby for a team as you will imagine hits me with some emotion and "false pride".

What is come to mind now is:
The ILS' name change to "Elder ONE" which may be disclosed to me in process related to review of "wonders"

References that have been meaningful though often in the background:

W.H. Auden's "For the Time Being"; often read at Epiphany;
Polya's "How to Solve It"
The Dartmouth Bible
Google software (which I don't totally understand).
And I am very cautious to believe here in a magical God, not chance; although I wonder at the fate of the tares.

As to the present task, lead off by the scheduled meeting with Becca at 10:30AM, I am one who waits (a pun) on his friends;

Long ago Dave McMillan made these insights: it is a pearl of great "cost" [ When reading A. Huxley "Doors of Perception" and now I think the idea is that shiny things are , most particularly for a 'savage', hypnotic]; "what you can do by yourself isn't quite worth doing".

Thus it is the case that I may accept and use the advice of those sharing with me, Elder One and Ann and Claire; "contacts".......some right now is still mystery .... a God-given language change would be as in Lehrer song, "New Math", "so simple, so very simple that only a child can do it".

I have gone astray. Demby reviews book that does interest me. But searching the essay tile, I am at a loss

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