Monday, October 28, 2013

DRAFT ONLY -- Please read contents

Draft of presentation of further information
It happened that better materials are now available; and I was quite jubilant when I wrote Jennifer that her "duck"was not satisfactory. Instantly, however, I learned she was out until Monday, this next morning.

On last Monday I had a brisk conversation with Dr. Malamo and longer session with Becca Spauling.

What's going on here is that,following my annual physical, wanting more conversation I pointed at him and said "I know". However since then we've not been able, Malamo and I, to discuss what the KNOWING means for me. Nonetheless there have been psychiatric interviews, two with Dr. Adrain L wherein at one point we ran down the POTUS of our times life times and two with Becca, the first followed my written declaration that I knew and didn't like the doings of the CIA.

I am prepared to make description, in CONTENTS, of the problems as understood with friends.

I am prepared to offer, in INTRODUCTION, some more of my biography with particulars as to why I am now more than ever quarreling.

Re: Contents
On that last jubilant weekend I received notification of a 20 minute video, which we've hailed as effective, 'The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind - Secrets of Money" .
And an excellent email from John O. Sutter; an alert to Ray Griffin review of film, "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor"

I've in mind the document take the form of Summary; Introduction;, Contents; Epilog

News affecting this Section:

About CIA and Amazon (Washington Post)

About Federal Reserve

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