Monday, January 9, 2012

My Health Care --- Illnesses; treatments; providers

My friend Ann Ellis has recently contacted my daughters - Claire Walter, Ontario, NY and Julie Walter Larkin, -- regarding my problems, which are giving her great concern.

This write-up is intended to serve to inform my daughters as to what is going on, and give access to my providers.

Illnesses: (treatments)
CURRENT: Dr. Burns/Sleep Insights --- The aftermath of my 10/8/11 accident.
At issue is how Dr. Burns may answer inquiry into my health by DMV

[I am leaving-off the write-up as my daughters have Ann's messages and I will, for now, maintain some privacy.]

A. Primary Care Physician
Dr. Paul C. Burns
200 Alexander St., Suite 3000,
Rochester, New York 14607
B & C. Mental Health: Evelyn Brandon Health Center, 81 Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY 14608
B. Christine Mustaca, MS, NPP, BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
(585) 368-6900 ext. 8991
C. Kate Rotolo Knapp, LMHC
Primary Therapist
(686) 368-6900 ext. 8803
Other referrals:
D. Re: Possible sleep disorder -- Sleep Insights Medical Services, LLC, 10 Hagen Drive Suite 200 Rochester, NY 14625
Amy Rama, FNP
Dr. Plotkin
(585) 385-6070
E. RE: 3 years ago had mild TIA
Dr. Pattee -- Neurologist

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